Little Fires Everywhere
By Celeste Ng
Adult Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Katarzyna Janiga, Adult Circulation Services

Shaker Heights is an upper-class suburb in Ohio where everything is planned, from garden decorations to children’s future lives: they end up in Ivy League Schools, have successful careers and all move back to Shaker Heights, where the pattern continues. Rarely does anyone go against the norm. Mia and Pearl Warren begin to rent out a small apartment from one of Shaker Heights’ most prominent residents, Elena Richardson, and slowly disrupt the carefully crafted community because of their refusal to conform. At the heart of this quiet and engrossing tale is a custody battle that divides Shaker Heights. Ng’s talent truly shines as she delves deep into all her characters and their own thoughts and motivations on the custody case – you may despise a character one moment, only to sympathize with them in the next chapter. This is a very quiet and emotional read that leaves a lot of unanswered questions and stays with you long after you finish it.


Wires and Nerves Vol. 1
By Marissa Meyer
Young Adult Graphic Novel, 2017
Reviewed by Kelsey Psaute, Young Adult Services

Fans of Meyer’s wildly successful “Lunar Chronicles” series who wanted more Iko are rewarded with this gem of a graphic novel. Readers not familiar with the awesome series need not worry, as Iko helpfully and pithily summarizes the original six books in three pages with her trademark charm and matter-of-fact excitement. While the story is set firmly after the events of Meyer’s popular series, it is not completely necessary to have read them first. Iko’s story is her own. Follow her as she becomes even more than Cinder’s trusty sidekick—a secret agent with a difficult and important mission to save the queen’s reputation as a good ruler. The skirmishes are filled with snarky commentary and impressive displays of Iko’s skill and the artwork is hauntingly beautiful. Meyer sets up an engaging plot that will surely entertain readers for more volumes to come.