Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the F.B.I.
By David Grann
Adult Non-Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Pam Tallmadge, Youth Services

In 1921, Anna Burkhart and Charles Whitehorn, both members of the Osage Indian Nation were murdered.  Their murders went unsolved until a young J. Edgar Hoover decided that the Federal Bureau of Investigation needed to find out what happened.  The Osage Indians were moved from Kansas to what was thought to be worthless territory in Oklahoma.  Worthless until the discovery of oil beneath their lands, and with the mineral rights the Osage Indians became rich. David Grann weaves together the Osage murders as well as the investigations that eventually tease out  people so driven by money that  they kill by gunshot, poison, or explosions .  People that stand to uphold the law are often those who think they can get away with breaking the law.  One detective, a former Texas Ranger, Tom White meticulously unravels the lies and mysteries behind the murders.  Informative and intriguing as well as heart breaking, this is a compelling book.


The End of the Day
By Claire North
Adult Science Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Penny Cunningham, Adult Services

Charlie has a new job.  It has a pension and a good starting salary, so his Mum is happy. He gets to travel the world, and meet people, and add to his collection of soccer t-shirts from obscure foreign teams. But Charlie’s job will teach him more than he ever imagined, because Charlie is the Harbinger of Death.  He is the One who goes before, as a courtesy or as a warning, because Death may pass on by … or not. Sometimes Death comes not for a person, but for something that is dying.  Whether Charlie is talking gently to a woman who is the last of an ancient tribe, or bearing witness to the effects of climate change, his job changes him so he learns the true value of life.