I Believe in a Thing Called Love
By Maurene Goo
Young Adult Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Kelsey Psaute, Young Adult Services

Light-hearted and smart, this quirky romance is sure to win the hearts of non-Korean drama addicts everywhere! Goo’s novel is laugh out loud funny as Desi navigates her quirky self through snagging her first boyfriend with the help of her Dad’s Korean drama heroines from the shows he watches constantly. The dialogue is snappy and witty and the characters are as large as their expectations. Cute and goofy details, like Desi’s self-designated “flailures” –her attempts at flirting that end in flailing helpless failure—and her interactions with friends leave no part of this narrative untouched by Goo’s sense of humor in everyday life. This book is perfect for romance fans, dramedy fans, and anyone guilty of making too many lists to perfect their life.


Fractals, the Patterns of Chaos: A New Aesthetic of Art, Science, and Nature
By John Briggs
Adult Non-Fiction, 1992
Reviewed by Connor Zwonik, substitute

What will the weather be like a week from now? What about a month into the future? Scientists and meteorologists have been grappling with these age-old questions for decades. However, these questions do not have simple answers. Earth’s climate is characterized as a dynamical and chaotic system, depending on millions of variables or conditions that create its weather. This idea makes it very difficult for meteorologists to predict the weather more than a few days in advance.

This fascinating book does not stop with weather, but also discusses topics ranging from outer space to the human body, depicting how chaos and fractals can be found just about anywhere on our planet. Through these topics, we can better understand how the world works around us and how this complex behaves on an everyday basis.