A Good Story
by Zack Rock
Juvenile Fiction, 2017
Ann Doubleday, Adult Services

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in? Bean Counter No. 1138 has. He knows there must be more to life than being an accountant – more than numbers, routine, and order. Although his world demands tidiness and values only what is quantifiable, Bean Counter No. 1138 wonders if this can be all there is. Until one day he stumbles into a bookstore. No numbers here, just stories. Here is a world where suddenly everything is possible: “Kings had wings. Poets propped up the moon.” Maybe he can write his own life story. And maybe, just maybe, a bean counter might really be an acrobat. This delightful children’s picture book asks us to take risks, question convention, and discover who we really are. The whimsical and enchanting illustrations bring life to this lovely celebration of possibility, self-discovery, creativity and the power of imagination.         

Stay: a Girl, A Dog, A Bucket List
by Kate Klise; Illustrated by M. Sarah Klise
Juvenile Picture Book, 2017
Hannah Peacock, Youth Services Librarian

“When Astrid came home from the hospital, Eli was there waiting. He was Astrid’s first friend.” Now that Eli is getting older, Astrid makes a bucket list of the things she thinks her dog might like to do. The reader soon learns what Eli actually wants to do with his best friend.

The warm art is the perfect setting for this celebration of the relationship between a family pet and a child. It is a great reminder of the unconditional love that our pets offer us. It is also a gentle introduction to the possibility of death.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.