Who is a Poet?
By Valerie Bodden
Illustrated by Monique Felix and Etienne Delessert
Juvenile Non-Fiction, 2016
Reviewed by Pam Tallmadge, Youth Services

Poems can be about anything. Before most people could read or write, poems were spoken and used to remember stories and events. Emily Dickinson did not title her poems, and Langston Hughes used jazz rhythms in his. Information is accompanied by illustrations that enhance the descriptions. The activity at the end of the book prompts readers to read poems, choose a favorite, and write a poem on the same subject. Informative and inspiring!


The Tuscan Child
By Rhys Bowen
Adult Fiction, 2018
Reviewed by Susan Gamberg, Youth Services

In 1944 a British bomber pilot is shot down over German-occupied Tuscany in Italy. He is wounded and hides in an abandoned monastery. A woman from the nearby village finds him and helps keep him hidden while bringing him food and some medical supplies for his wounds. Thirty years later the soldier’s estranged daughter is home to arrange his funeral and while going through his personal effects discovers an unopened letter addressed to a woman in Italy. The daughter, Joanna, decides to go to Tuscany and learn more of her father’s history. Once there she begins to feel it might have been better to leave well enough alone but pursues to inquire about him and the mystery woman.