by Holly Hobbie
Picture Book, 2018
Reviewed by Pam Tallmadge, Youth Service

Elmore is a porcupine who lives alone in a large oak tree.  Elmore is lonely but finds making friends to be challenging.  When he advertises for friends, he hears that he is “too prickly” and wishes he didn’t have quills.  His uncle explains to Elmore that quills are beautiful and are part of being a porcupine.  Elmore take some of his quills and gives them away.  Wait until you find out what the other animals use the quills for.  Do you think this will help Elmore make friends?

In a Dark, Dark Wood

By Ruth Ware
Adult fiction, 2015
Reviewed by Kelly L. McCagg, Library Director

We all have friends from our past that we’ve lost touch with.  What would you do if one invited you to a weekend away in a quiet house in the woods, just out of the blue?  What if this person knew secrets about you no one else knew?  This is the premise of Ruth Ware’s first work of adult fiction, where skeletons formerly locked in the closet, come rushing out. Ware’s storytelling is reminiscent of an Agatha Christie mystery, but with a dark twist fostered by stark location and an overactive imagination.  Fans of Flynn and Lapena will rejoice at finding another skilled narrator who employs psychological terror when spinning a tale.