Good Rosie!

by  Kate DiCamillo; Pictures by Harry Bliss
Picture Book, 2018

Reviewed by Hannah Peacock, Youth Services Librarian

George and his dog, Rosie, live a sweet quiet life together, but when Rosie sees her reflection in her water bowl, she thinks it might be time to meet other dogs. Their first visit to the dog park does not start well, but, after a few hiccups, the small Terrier Rosie has made friends with 2 dogs who at first made her feel very uncomfortable and lonely. This book will appeal to all types of kids: beginner readers, comic book enthusiasts, dog lovers and anyone who feels shy or nervous about making new friends. Harry Bliss is one of the absolute best dog illustrators out there and Kate DiCamillo knows how to draw the reader into her story as nobody else can. The picture of sad Rosie looking out the window is sure to melt your heart, and the story of new friendship is one we can all relate to.

Not If I Save You First

By Ally Carter
Young Adult Fiction, 2018

Reviewed by Kelsey Psaute, Young Adult Services

Ally Carter’s fast-paced novel takes readers from the wilds of Washington DC to wintry Alaska in this fantastic thriller about two teens who save each other’s lives repeatedly as they escape from a nightmare scenario. Logan is the President’s forgotten about son and childhood friend Maddie, the daughter of a former Secret Service agent. Years have passed since the fateful resignation of her father and Maddie has lived off the grid in Alaska with only her Dad and the trees as company when Logan, punished for posting on Instagram and escaping his personal detail, is sent to ‘vacation’ with them. Before either of them can perfect their broken friendship glares, Logan is kidnapped and being dragged through the woods with only Maddie to chase after him. Against the cold, scary mafia Russians, and the odds, Maddie and Logan intend to survive and get revenge. The last one to save the other from certain death wins. Readers who enjoy survival stories, mysteries, and heart-pounding thrillers need look no further than this!