Everything I Never Told You

By Celeste Ng
Adult Fiction, 2015

Reviewed by Katarzyna Janiga, Adult Services

“Everything I Never Told You” starts off with a bang. The first line of this family drama starts off with the sentence, “Lydia is dead.” While the opening is loud and attention grabbing, the rest of the book is quiet and more subtle as it deals weaves themes of disappearance, death and loss, as well as the dynamics of an interracial American family in the 1970s. Ng uses death as the platform to explore the different relationships of the Lee family, revealing how little each characters knows about the other in this profound and devastating book.

Heretics Anonymous

By Katie Henry
Young Adult Fiction, 2018

Reviewed by Penelope Cunningham, Adult Services

It’s October 9, the feast day of St. Denis, patron saint of Paris and rabies victims. Michael Ausman, a self-proclaimed atheist, is about to start his first day in 11th grade at St. Clare’s Preparatory School. This is his family’s fourth move in 10 years, and Michael is far from happy. Help comes in the form of Heretics Anonymous, a secret society of fellow free-thinkers hoping to shake up the establishment. Lucy is a committed Catholic feminist who wants to be a priest, Avi is Jewish and gay, Max is a cloak-wearing Unitarian and Eden is Pagan (or as she would say, a Celtic Reconstructionist Polytheist). This unlikely group have theological conversations that make this book a hilarious and perceptive read. Different points of view are expressed and the ultimate theme is one of tolerance and respect for others.