How to Cook Everything Vegetarian
By Mark Bittman
Adult Non-Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Ann Doubleday, Adult Services

Mark Bittman’s updated cookbook is a wonderful, encyclopedic resource for vegetarian cooking. Especially useful for the beginning cook are his introductory explanations of the basic techniques of cooking as well as the many very simple but delicious recipes for essentials such as a basic green salad, stir-fried vegetables, fast tomato sauce, fried rice, basic beans, simplest omelet, quesadillas, vinaigrette, and apple pie. Less standard recipes such as Pho, lentil samosas, calzones, and lemon-ricotta pancakes will equally enchant experienced cooks. Simple recipes are frequently accompanied with multiple variations encouraging experimentation and greater levels of complexity if desired. Each recipe includes estimated time to prepare and a code to indicate whether it is fast, vegan, and can be made ahead. Anyone interested in cooking, whether vegetarian or not, is likely to enjoy this exceedingly well organized, beautifully photographed, and easy to use cookbook.

By Alan Gratz
Juvenile Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Connor Zwonik – Library Substitute

Do you enjoy reading books told from different perspectives? If so, this work of historical fiction is perfect for you. With its use of true historical events, this book gives children and adults alike a glimpse into the refugee crises in 1930s Nazi Germany, 1980s Havana, Cuba, and modern day Syria. This book depicts three harrowing journeys that three families in different times must make in order to escape their home countries and find safety. Taking these narratives a step further, this book creates wondrous connections between these different refugee crises, adding meaning to each of their stories. Any person who loves historical fiction will enjoy this book, including all the twists and turns that come with it.