The Perfect Nanny
By Leila Slimani
Adult Fiction, 2018
Reviewed by Penny Cunningham, Adult Services

This book opens with a crime scene. Two young children have been killed by their quiet and devoted nanny. How such an inexplicable crime came to be is the subject of this novel. Paul and Myriam are a busy, loving, professional couple doing their best to be good parents. Hiring Louise as their nanny seems the perfect solution to their problems … or is it?

Twenty-One Days
By Anne Perry
Adult Fiction, 2018
Reviewed by Susan Gamberg, Youth Services

The time is 1910, London. Daniel Pitt, the son from the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt book series, is now twenty-five years old and a junior barrister. He is called to defend a biographer charged with murdering his wife and has only 21 days to prove he is innocent. As Daniel investigates to prepare his case, he must go to Special Branch where Thomas Pitt heads up the department and in doing so uncovers information that might implicate his father and Special Branch. A new series for Anne Perry with great research of the period and intriguing plot.