Ultimate Slime
By Alyssa Jagen
Juvenile Non-Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Penny Cunningham, Adult Services

So, you need to entertain the kids indoors and want to do something that doesn’t involve looking at a screen? What could be more fun than making some gooey, stretchy, squishy slime? Safety guidelines are clearly described, and these kid-friendly recipes do not use borax as an activator, so your kitchen sink chemists will be able to experiment safely. Slime is made when white or clear PVA glue is mixed with an activator such as baking soda and contact lens solution or liquid laundry detergent/starch.

Optional add-ins to make your slime unique are foaming soaps, glycerin, lotion, baby oil … and then there’s fun stuff like food coloring or glitter! This book contains over 100 recipes that will encourage young scientists to explore the world of slime.


The House of Unexpected Sisters
By Alexander McCall-Smith
Adult Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Susan Gamberg, Youth Services

Precious Ramotswe, owner of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, begins helping a woman who was wrongly fired from her job because she was accused of being rude to a customer. The more Precious investigates, information about this woman leads her to wrongly believe about her character until they finally meet and get to know each other. All the pieces begin to fall in place and lead to a surprising conclusion for Precious and her newfound friend.