Reflectors a poor decision
It is a pretty regular thing for me to go for a bike ride on the Colchester causeway bike path out past Airport Park. After all it is very beautiful out there no matter what time of year it is or what the weather is like. And you can get a pretty good workout when that south/west wind is blowing in off the lake.

The bike path has sustained a good deal of damage from all that wind and water beating it up again and again over the years since 2011 when we had the flooding in the spring and Hurricane Irene in late summer. So I was not surprised to find it damaged again this spring after a storm. Since it’s been restored, a bunch of orange road cones have been lined up in places along the path, and I’ve been wondering when these eyesores would be removed.

Well, on Wednesday, July 25 I got the answer. The town of Colchester had two trucks out there and workmen drilling holes into the surface of the bike path to install 200 bright yellow reflectors, approximately three feet tall and each maybe six inches wide, along the outer part of the path!

Who made that horrible decision and why?

The path still needs work for sure, but in my opinion, the money would be better spent on planting bushes and trees in the very exposed areas that seem to receive the most damage again and again from the wind and waves. I know the next big storm will wash out the path again. I only hope that all those yellow reflectors get wiped out in the process. Take revenge, Mother Nature!

If it is a so-called safety issue, I say stop thinking that we can be kept safe all the time everywhere. Must we always bow down to the lowest common denominator?

Take some responsibility for our own safety by respecting everybody’s right to be on the path and following simple traffic rules when it is busy. Stay to the right on the path, yield to oncoming traffic, call out when you pass and let kids learn to ride on the path. Don’t expect you can ride or walk two abreast on the path, and I know your dog is special, but it should still be on a leash when on the bike path. I know I’d feel awful if I hit it when it ran out in front of me. And let’s face it, the path is already much too busy to expect that you can race on it.

That’s my 2 cents worth. I hate the yellow reflectors. It is a really poor decision for such a beautiful place.

Anni Kristensen


Write in Pamela Loranger
Pam Loranger has decided to mount a write-in campaign in the Republican primary on August 14. If you live in Colchester 9-2, she deserves your write-in vote on the primary ballot.

I enthusiastically served as her campaign treasurer when she ran for representative in Colchester District 9-2 in 2014 because I believe she is qualified for the position in so many respects.

She has devoted years of volunteer service to Colchester on numerous boards, commissions and committees. Working closely with her on some committees, I have admired her good sense, sharp intellect, hard work and wisdom in many different roles. Others have formally recognized her considerable talent. Her work as planning commission chair earned her recognition as Vermont Citizen Planner of the Year.

Pam will serve Colchester equally well in the legislature, but to do so it is important that her name appears on the November ballot. Please select the Republican primary ballot at the Colchester Town Clerk’s Office on or before August 14 and write in Pamela Loranger for representative in District 9-2.

David Usher


Support for Loranger
To quote the beloved Mr. Rogers, “Hello neighbor.” In this case I mean Colchester District 9-2 voters, who have a unique primary voting choice this year. Pam Loranger is running as a write-in candidate in the upcoming primary election. Pam is someone I’ve known and worked with in our town for over a decade. She is a tireless worker, especially when it comes to the Town of Colchester. Whether it is the extensive work with state environmental issues, town planning, or volunteering for countless Colchester events, Pam Loranger has severed our town well. Her commitment to Colchester causes prompted the selectboard to honor Pam with the “Most Valuable Planner” award recently. Now is the time to vote early, absentee or show up at the polls on August 14 to fill in the bubble and write in Pam Loranger for District 9–2 Vermont House of Representatives.

Joey A. Purvis, Colchester
Former House Rep. District 9 -1


Support Loranger and Brennan
I encourage Colchester voters to support Pat Brennan in his re-election to the legislature and for Pam Loranger as a write-in candidate for District 9-2.

Pat is a highly respected legislator as recognized by both parties in making him the chair of the House Transportation Committee, a position held for the past 10 years. He is the only minority party member who holds a chair position in the legislature, an admirable recognition of his ability to work across party lines on many contentious issues. I have contacted Pat many times over the years during the legislative session and he always responds to my questions and issues in short order. Reelecting Pat to another term is recognition that Colchester residents also appreciate his dedication in aptly representing our interests throughout the year in Montpelier. Please re-elect Pat Brennan for state representative.

Pam Loranger is another dedicated Colchester citizen who spends endless hours participating in town governmental entities. I have known Pam a long time and am amazed at her energy and the unselfish amount of time she gives to many aspects of Colchester public service. Although her accomplishments are too many to put in this memo, some are; member of the Conservation Commission since 1998, the Planning Commission since 2007, currently the chair, Act 250 Board, and the historical society to name a few. She was recognized as Vermont Citizen Planner for 2017 and recipient of Resolution and Appreciation by the Colchester Selectboard in 2017. Again, having a representative in Montpelier with this boundless energy, experience and accomplishment is exactly the quality of representation we need and will appreciate. Please write-in Pam Loranger for District 9-2 state representative.

Bruce Lindner

Triathlon thanks
Colchester Parks & Recreation would like to extend its sincere thanks to the many volunteers and sponsors who helped to make the 34th Annual Colchester Triathlon a success!

This year’s event had over 300 entries and attracted many athletes and spectators to our town for a beautiful morning race. Over 100 volunteers dedicated their Sunday morning to ensuring the entire race went smoothly. We are especially grateful for our race chiefs, who put in additional hours and go above and beyond to guarantee the best experience for our participants, from setup to teardown. We also recognize our emergency service organizations – Colchester Police, Colchester Rescue, Colchester Technical Rescue, and Malletts Bay Fire Department – for their help in maintaining course safety and being there for any athlete in need.

Added thanks goes out to our partners and sponsors who helped make race day possible through financial donations and/or in-kind gifts: Clif Bar, Coca-Cola Bottling of NNE, Hampton Inn, KOOL 105 & 99.9 The Buzz, Malletts Bay Bicycle & Ski, Skirack, Summit Chiropractic Center, The ReHabGYM, Vermont Sports Magazine and Your Personal Best Fitness.

Colchester Parks & Recreation