In this election, Colchester voters have many issues weighing on their minds. Rising property taxes, increasing school budgets, a rising cost of living, a new 89-cent “carbon tax” on gasoline and restriction of gun rights will all be on their minds in the voting booth this November. They are looking for a candidate that will fight for the middle class Vermonter in Montpelier.

Over the past couple months, I have had the privilege to get to know Pat Liebrecht as a person and as a new political candidate. One thing I have noticed is this: Pat does not care about his own political career or about making money. He is running solely because he cares about the future of Vermont and what he will leave for the next generation, my generation. In fact, Pat will propose a bill to limit the number of terms legislatures can serve in Montpelier. This will cut down on corruption and put an end to career politicians.

Pat is a small business owner that knows the issues Colchester residents are facing. He will also work to cut spending and lower taxes, stop any form of the “carbon tax” and protect our 2nd Amendment rights. As a small business owner, he knows what wasteful regulations to cut that will make small businesses flourish. He transparently posts all his political opinions on his website ( and will post a public explanation for every vote he casts. This is something no other candidate has done or promised. If you want someone that is transparent, honest and hardworking for middle class Vermonters you would be hard pressed to find anyone better than Pat.

Pat is also the only candidate for state representative running in Colchester House district 9-1 that has a complete and comprehensive plan to improve public education. He supports full school choice and voucher programs. Both not only improve the quality of education but also reduce costs and return control of children’s education to the parents. It is for all the reasons I have listed here that I wholly endorse Pat Liebrecht for Vermont state representative of Colchester.

Jace Laquerre