This past Sunday, on the 15th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, Daybreak Community Church held a special service at Bayside Park. Police Chief Jennifer Morrison gave a meaningful, encouraging message about how the police, fire, first responders lay down their lives for us everyday. We wanted to offer our gratitude for her message. Our guest speaker, Dillip Joseph, supported her contribution to the service, as he shared part of his story about being captured by the Taliban.

Daybreak Community Church at Creek Farm Plaza wishes to offer its gratitude for all our public servants within our local fire department, first responders and law enforcement, as well as our government officials for all the services they perform for us in our state and federal government. In a day filled with numerous negative intrusions and upheaval, it is heartwarming to know we can depend on all who serve our community with such dedication.

We are grateful they could attend our annual Bayside Park Service, and this year as we focused on recognizing these groups of people, we just had to say a public thank you.

Joyce Pelletier

Daybreak Community Church