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Community mourns Zak, Mazza’s beloved steer


This spring will be different for Gary Bombard. For years, melting snow and warming temperatures have beckoned the co-owner of Sam Mazza’s Farm Market out to the barn where his goats and sheep give birth each year. But for the first time in over a decade, he’ll be without the watchful eye of Zak, his…

At Mazza’s, it’s easy as pie


It was noontime on Wednesday, just hours before Thanksgiving, and the stacks of pies at Sam Mazza’s Farm Market in Colchester were just beginning to look manageable. The third-generation shop took more than 300 orders for about 1,500 pies this Thanksgiving season, according to Laurie Mazza-Bombard, owner and general manager. Add to that 450-dozen freshly…

Get lost: Sun staff become children of the corn (maze)


Nightfall was fast approaching, and we had miles to go. “Are we in his little foot yet?” Abby asked. “No, we’re in the eye,” Michaela corrected. There was really no way of knowing for sure, only that we were somewhere in Sam Mazza’s Corn Maze – this year, paths form shapes of owls – and…