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Are turkey vultures late leaving this year?


Last week, Colchester resident Dennis Reichardt saw three turkey vultures perching at the start of Marble Island Road. Later, he saw them again off West Lakeshore Drive. He said they looked forlorn (and perhaps a little menacing): their dark bodies hunched below a reddish-pink unfeathered head, their beaks ivory-white, curling into a dastardly point. “They…

Obituary: Leon ‘Scootie’ Roberts


On Nov. 28, 2017, Leon “Scootie” Roberts, 81, was reunited with his beloved wife, Joan. Scootie lived his entire life in Malletts Bay where he and Joan raised their family and owned Lakeshore Hardware and Marine. Scootie’s early years were filled with adventure and mischief. He served in the Army as an MP and later…

Police: Boat sinking in Malletts Bay breaks no laws


sinking boat in malletts bay

Last week, the Colchester Sun confirmed reports of a half-sunk boat bobbing in Malletts Bay about 60 feet from the beach off East Lakeshore Drive. After inquiring with the town of Colchester about the troubled vessel, town manager Dawn Francis replied in an email. “We are working with the [Colchester Police Department] and our harbormaster…

Board endorses Bayside roundabout, 10-foot paved path


The Colchester Selectboard approved a sweeping lineup of upgrades to Malletts Bay during its meeting last Tuesday, including a roundabout at the Bayside Park intersection and a 10-foot wide shared use path on West Lakeshore Drive. Along with a significant stormwater management improvement plan, the combined grand total of the approved trio of projects clocked…

Hazelett demolishes motel


After demolishing the vacant motel across from its Lakeshore Dr. property, Hazelett Corporations is weighing its potential redevelopment options, company officials say, with the hope of finalizing a plan for the former Beach and Boat Motel property by next building season. Last Friday, a lone backhoe crunched through the motel’s roof, methodically clearing the lot…

Survey says: Town sources opinions on Bay upgrades


Town officials are asking for public input as they weigh a series of options to reduce traffic congestion, improve bicycle and pedestrian safety and manage stormwater throughout Malletts Bay. After a two-year scoping study, conducted with assistance from the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and a consulting team, Colchester’s technical services manager Karen Adams said…