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CMS hosts development workshop for teachers


Roles were reversed this week at Colchester Middle School when dozens of educators took part in the four-day “Developmental Designs” course, a program that emphasizes an integrated approach to social and academic learning. In a handful of classrooms throughout the building, teachers from the local district and all around the country traded tactics for enforcing…

District preps for summer construction


Colchester students and teachers have bid their classrooms farewell for the year, but district business and operations manager George Trieb says he’s already prepping for their return. “Things get really busy in the summer because it’s the only time we can work on projects,” Trieb said. “From here on out, we’re getting ready for the…

Special guest helps CMS catch onto CrossFit craze


You could say Colchester’s Mat Fraser is comfortable in just about any gym. But last Friday morning, the national CrossFit champion and former Laker said the familiar green and gold middle school gymnasium will always hold a special significance. A horde of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students swarmed Fraser in the school he grew…