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Student produces Civil War podcasts


Amid a sea of tri-fold posters and stapled research papers filling the Colchester High School cafeteria on Thursday evening, senior Sawyer Loftus stood out. Community members lined up to try on a headset at his station, listening intently as a brief audio clip introduced the podcast series he produced for his senior seminar assignment. “If…

Students act out mock trial before prom


A crowd of Colchester High School juniors and seniors jumped to their feet last week as a Colchester police officer announced the entrance of a judge. He took his place at the bench, solemnly flipping through a stack of papers. CHS senior Amber Sicard sat upright at a nearby table, hands fidgeting and head bowed.…

One for the books


Perry becomes winningest CHS baseball coach with No. 116 The Colchester baseball team etched itself into the record books last week, picking up head coach Tom Perry’s 116th career win to make him the winningest Colchester High School baseball coach in the school’s history. Perry, who is in his 10th season with the team, led…