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Town monitors stormwater legislation, prepares for billing

Colchester residents can expect their first bill for the town’s new stormwater utility to arrive this month, the collected money earmarked for a suite of water quality improvements and maintenance. Meanwhile, town officials are keeping a close eye on clean water legislation in the Vermont statehouse, working to ensure Colchester residents aren’t asked to pay twice for cleanup initiatives. “I believe a statewide fee is coming,” Colchester technical services manager Karen Adams said. “What that looks like, I’m not sure I have a clear opinion on.” Sens. Christopher Bray and Ginny Lyons have both proposed stormwater funding bills in...

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Letters to the editor (1/11/2018)

Support for public works crew To follow up the article last week entitled “Snow way out,” I need to start by saying I am a huge fan of every single member of the Colchester Public Works crew, a crew I have waved to, pulled over for but never once spoken with. Between Thanksgiving and April 1, the team of drivers and mechanics that take care of our roads have more of an impact on my family’s safety, health and prosperity than anyone else in the State of Vermont. Although I would have to say our police and fire departments...

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Colchester legislators name 2018 priorities

With the legislative session underway, the Colchester Sun reached out to our elected officials to determine their priorities this year. They were given 500 words to divide between the following questions: 1. Is there a piece of legislation Colchester residents, in particular, should keep their eye on? Why? 2. Several major bills have already been introduced this session, topics including recreational marijuana, water quality and minimum wage. What issue are you most passionate about and why? 3. Do you plan to introduce or sponsor any legislation this session? Tell us about it. Their responses were edited only for newspaper...

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Colchester highway department tries to keep up with winter snow

When a major snow event lasts for days on end, no amount of planning will help Colchester’s highway department keep the roads clear. “We just don’t have enough horses in the barn,” public works director Bryan Osborne said of the highway department’s staff and what he called “minimal resources.” The highway department has nine full-time employees, though it takes at least 10 to fully implement a storm management plan, Osborne said. That includes drivers for the town’s six mainline trucks and two smaller one-ton plows. “We’ll borrow employees from stormwater, from wastewater, from buildings division, our mechanics just to...

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Fort Ethan Allen property owner wants business-friendly zoning

Essex’s main property owner in Fort Ethan Allen is requesting a zoning change that he believes would allow him to fill his now-vacant buildings. The town, however, says he can already do what he’s asking for under current rules. For over 20 years, William Parkinson has owned a dozen buildings between the University of Vermont properties and the water tower in the small portion of the fort located in Essex. Historically, the industrial zoning that governed his properties made sense, he said, but over the years, his century-old buildings no longer fit the needs of today’s users. They want...

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