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Fly-fishing club provides natural therapy to vets

This past July found Chris Boutin fly-fishing in Kodiak, Alaska on an all-expenses paid trip. Boutin, a retired veteran, was a newcomer to the hobby but was selected for the trip as one of six veterans nationwide. The program was part of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, a national, nonprofit, volunteer-run organization dedicated rehabilitating disabled veterans. With 140 chapters nationwide, Project Healing Waters provides a therapeutic connection to nature, in stark contrast to the pressures of warfare. Boutin served with the U.S. Marine Corps from 2003 to 2008 with two deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2008, he joined...

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Colchester Food Shelf gets a facelift

The shelves are well-stocked, and the volunteers are always smiling at the Colchester Food Shelf. But something seemed off. No matter how often they cleaned, swept and mopped, the volunteers noticed that the food shelf just looked a little, well, dingy. Then they realized the problem was right in front of them. Or, more accurately, it was right below them: The Floor. After years of foot-traffic, the floor was scuffed and in desperate need of painting, but with shelves and large furniture in the way, the project kept being put off until the Colchester Food Shelf reached out to...

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An itty bitty parade

Costumed kiddos from a daycare at Severance Corners parade past The Colchester Sun’s office on Monday, Oct. 31, Halloween. The mini getups included not only this adorable duckling but also Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz,” a fluffy candy corn and more. Photos by Kaylee...

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Educating for lifelong health

Vermont and the whole nation are in the midst of one of the worst epidemics in U.S. history that has had dire consequences for nearly all aspects of living, most notably, and too often tragically, with the youth of Vermont. The rapidly declining health of our children is associated with our exploding opiate addiction, leads to the excessive medication of our kids and swamps our healthcare system. The good news is this epidemic is entirely reversible and within our immediate control. As a school administrator, I have too often seen larger societal issues come our way for correction. However,...

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Community center will restore Bayside Park

I believe we are all in agreement affordability in Vermont is a devil plaguing all taxpayers. However, the municipal tax rate in Colchester is lower than five years ago. Philosophically, I admit, I opposed the local option tax, but I cannot disagree that in practicality, the LOT has performed precisely as promised. The application of the LOT to our debt load is the prime factor in our lowered municipal tax rate. The LOT is dedicated to that sole purpose and cannot be spent on any other project without voter approval. Which bring us to the community center at Bayside...

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