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Looking forward to representing you

This week I received official notification that I am to represent the village side of Colchester as a member of the Vermont House of Representatives. I am now convinced it is true. This job will not be easy. We are a surprisingly diverse community in a challenging time. Jim Condon, Joey Purvis and I have competed in three elections for the two district seats in the House. Each time we have conducted our campaigns with respect and civility, an important reminder that our political behavior reflects our community’s character. I look forward to working with Mr. Condon and Colchester’s...

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Election thanks

First of all, I want to thank the registered voters for the remarkable turnout. 68 percent of the registered voters exercised their right to vote. We have 12,675 voters on the checklist. Of that number, 7,969 voted in this election. 39 percent of the voters chose to vote early, by either stopping by the office or receiving their ballot in the mail. I want to acknowledge the heavy traffic first thing in the morning. Blakely Road is busy every morning and the additional traffic from the heavy turnout created congestion. Thanks for your patience and understanding if you were...

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Time for new direction

There is every chance in a Trump administration that the spigot might be tightened a ring or two when it comes to Vermont. It might be useful for the incoming Phil Scott administration to plan on it, and hire accordingly. That is one reason Mr. Scott was elected. People are ready for a pause, a period to adjust to many of the aggressive policies of the Shumlin administration. They want to assimilate, to gain control, to establish a sense of competency and direction. In a way, the Trump administration gives Gov.-Elect Phil Scott a political opening upon which he...

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A novel idea

A relatively new trend has taken root within the teaching gardens at St. Michael’s College, and students, teachers and staff are reading all about it. In a campus e-mail, the “little library” made its formal debut, urging community members to “take a book, leave a book.” However, students were already abuzz about the new campus addition well before the formal announcement. For those new to the “Little Free Library” trend, according to the official website, the definition is: a “take a book, return a book” free book exchange, though only registered ones can use the official title. The concept...

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Remembering Dick Paquette

I remember Dick Paquette as a hard-working, cheerful, common sense wisdom Vermonter. Without a touch of self-importance, he served endlessly on Colchester select and school boards spanning at least four decades. He was always happy to see me, and never in a cross mood, that I can recall. I made him frown once, though. I was interviewing him after another local newspaper wrongfully accused his farm of selling eggs coated with salmonella. He discussed this unfair threat to his life’s work and livelihood in the philosophical, good-natured way that was so typical of him. When it came time to...

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