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Laquerre should check facts

I am assuming the Jace Laquerre who wrote the letter to the editor last week is the same Jace Laquerre of Colchester who, at 17, was elected this year as the youngest ever Vermont delegate to a Republican convention. I congratulate him on that election and applaud his enthusiasm for local politics as well. I only wish he would do a bit more research before making such stark assessments in writing and in public. Laquerre is under the impression that Democrats should think and vote the same. We do not. Anyone who knows Jim Condon’s 12-year legislative history of...

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Union Memorial isn’t a parking lot

It is too bad that one of Colchester’s gems, Union Memorial School, has officially turned in to a used car sales lot. On August 18, not only were there five old cars with “for sale” signs on their windshields, but an RV and a duck hunting boat with trailer included! Perhaps next we shall see some appliances on the playground. My two daughters received a wonderful education there, by awesome teachers led by an impressive principal. This shining example of a small, rural public school is now being degraded which is unfortunate. I always tell my team that merely...

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Condon defends record

I was surprised by a recent letter to the editor by young Republican Jace Laquerre, and I feel it necessary to respond. Mr. Laquerre contends I was being hypocritical when I described myself in a recent forum as being a social moderate and a fiscal conservative. As proof, he claimed I had voted against both H.184 and H.489 in 2015. In fact, I not only voted for both of those bills, I helped write them as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee. H.184 was the 2015 fee bill, where I worked across party lines to reduce...

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Baron takes lead at high school

By Jason Starr Heather Baron and her predecessor as Colchester High School principal, Amy Minor, are cut from the same cloth. Both started careers in education as high school biology teachers before advancing into educational leadership. Baron now occupies the office that Minor left in the spring when she took over as superintendent. A University of Vermont graduate, Baron was promoted from her most recent role in the district of professional development coordinator and instructional coach. Minor, then an assistant principal, hired Baron in 2003 to teach science at CHS. Baron has remained a classroom teacher even as she...

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Minor’s mission

By Jason Starr Because she was Colchester High School principal for 10 years, Amy Minor has a decided head start on her new role as school district superintendent. But she is doing her best to leave her assumptions at the central office door and approach the top leadership position as an outsider. “I’m really trying to assess the system as a whole as if I were not in the district,” she said last Thursday, a week before teachers report and two weeks before students return for the first day of school. “I want to see things first-hand before making...

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