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Colchester football tackles safety

Colchester football players of all ages laced up last Friday to practice “Heads Up Football,” an initiative aimed to preventing concussions and other football-related injuries. The Colchester Catamounts, part of the Northern Youth Football League, joined the high school’s football squad to take part in the program. Earlier this summer, the Vermont Principals’ Association become the second state high school association the country to require coach enrollment into the Heads Up Program. The drills focused on teaching players how to block and tackle safely by reducing helmet contact. Parents were also invited lend a hand during the drills to...

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Colchester’s 11th Annual Golf Classic at Rocky Ridge

The Colchester Athletic Boosters Association raised $10,000 during its 11th annual golf classic August 2. The booster association will use these funds to purchase equiprment and uniforms for all sports, excluding football and hockey, which have their own boosters. This year’s grand prize was won by Coaches-R-Us, which took home a NASCAR package for Louden, N.H. The team was comprised of Jamie Rozzi, Bob Lehoullier, Mark Ciardelli and Matt Scholfield. Joey Goldsbury, winner of the putting contest, won an office chair valued at $600. “Thank you to all the businesses in the community that made this tournament a success,”...

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Strong hospitals needed to maintain quality of care

By TODD KEATING As I talk with my friends and colleagues in small business, I hear firsthand how challenging health care costs continue to be. These costs require businesses to make tough decisions about how to invest in their people and their companies. At the University of Vermont Health Network, we are focused on keeping our costs down through careful budgeting and charting a new path for how we deliver and pay for health care. Unsustainable increases in health care costs shouldn’t be passed on to the people who pay premiums – employers and families. In our proposed budget...

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Let’s run positive campaigns

I’m compelled to respond to the letter to the editor that appeared in the August 18 Colchester Sun newspaper. The writer of the letter pointed out the voting record versus public forum comments of my longtime (way before politics) friend Rep. Jim Condon. The newspaper staff then took the liberty of labeling both candidates in the sub heading of the letter. Time out. I serve with Jim Condon and can tell you firsthand he is a diligent, thoughtful worker for town and state issues. In a sea of Statehouse spending, Jim is one of us that holds a buoy...

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Laquerre should check facts

I am assuming the Jace Laquerre who wrote the letter to the editor last week is the same Jace Laquerre of Colchester who, at 17, was elected this year as the youngest ever Vermont delegate to a Republican convention. I congratulate him on that election and applaud his enthusiasm for local politics as well. I only wish he would do a bit more research before making such stark assessments in writing and in public. Laquerre is under the impression that Democrats should think and vote the same. We do not. Anyone who knows Jim Condon’s 12-year legislative history of...

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