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To Phil Scott: Ignore this plan

When something seems too simple, it most often is. That applies to a Vermont group calling on Gov.-elect Phil Scott to flip all the state’s conventional dairy farms to organic. The group, led by Roger Allbee, Vermont’s former Secretary of Agriculture, and Michael Colby, co-founder of Regeneration Vermont, sent an open letter to the governor-elect earlier this week [which was printed in Tuesday’s St. Albans Messenger] that labels our conventional farmers as mired in a doomed business model, and the ones responsible for key environmental and social issues bedeviling the state. They say the only way forward is to...

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The root of it all

“It started with this,” Kurt Anthony said as he held up a cobalt blue beer bottle. The husband and wife duo, Holly and Kurt Anthony, are owners, operators and creators of Glass Roots, a business that sells handcrafted and upcycled glass and wood items. “Our motto is we take the ordinary and make it into the extraordinary,” Kurt Anthony said. Located in Colchester, the artisan business is melded closely with their home life. Just a quick walk to their basement or out to their garage brings them to their creative, manufacturing and shipping locales. The business had a rather unusual...

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Wayne R. St. Peter

COLCHESTER – It is with great sadness that we tell you of Wayne St. Peter’s passing on Dec. 6, 2016. Wayne fought hard against a neurological condition for many years, never losing his sense of humor and love of life. He had recently celebrated his 69th birthday with a surprise outing to a University of Vermont hockey game with his family. He was a season ticket holder for many years and was thrilled to have the chance to see the UVM Catamounts, his favorite team, win over the Maine Black Bears. Wayne’s love of his family was evident by...

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Messages from Montpelier

The Joint Fiscal Office offered a legislative briefing on the economic and revenue review for the legislature on November 30. The facts and figures presented here are from Tom Kavet of Kavet, Rockler & Associates, Economic and Public Policy Consulting. Kavet’s been the state economist and principal economic advisor to the legislature since 1996. The information is intended to inform our money and policy decisions. This was one of several presentations during this voluntary attendance day. (I’ve stated before that I don’t favor out-of-session days because legislators have other jobs, have a long distance to travel and are not...

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Montreal’s ban on pit bulls isn’t backed by science

The Vermont Humane Federation is deeply disappointed a judge has allowed Montreal’s recently enacted regulation banning “pit bull” breeds in the city to go into effect. VHF staunchly opposes breed-specific legislation because these laws are costly, ineffective and cause unnecessary harm to families, dogs and communities. As animal sheltering and rescue leaders in Vermont, we understand the responsibility to create a safe community for residents. However, banning certain breeds of dogs based on visual characteristics will not achieve those goals. Research has shown that even animal control officers and veterinarians cannot accurately identify the breeds in a mixed breed...

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