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Hallquist touts leadership background

By MICHELLE MONROE St. Albans Messenger Staff ST. ALBANS — Christine Hallquist is a proven leader – that is the essence of her message as she campaigns as the Democratic nominee for governor. The former CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative has never before held elected office, aside from Town Meeting Day moderator. Her work at VEC has been enough to earn the endorsement of former St. Albans City Mayor Liz Gamache, who worked with Hallquist at VEC for seven years. Throughout her interview with the Messenger, Hallquist emphasized the importance of leadership that provides vision and encourages collaboration. Solutions...

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Weekly Town News: August 23, 2018

Manager’s Message Aaron Frank, Town Manager Lt. Doug Allen has been sworn-in and is now the fourth chief of the Town of Colchester Police Department. At the ceremony, I related an incident that happened three years ago when Lt. Allen was serving as the acting chief and I was serving as the acting town manager: CPD was assigned to provide services to an organization that was being (peacefully) protested, and Lt. Allen was asked to remove the protesters. Instead, he suggested that we allow the peaceful disruption to continue, and a few hours later, some of the protesters wound...

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Perspective: Enemy of the American people?

By ANGELO LYNN When President Trump tweets in a late night rage that American journalists are the “enemy of the American people,” that they are “sick and dangerous,” what does he mean, and what is his intent? Does he truly think journalists are trying to overthrow the government? Does he think that by pointing out the thousands of lies, untruths and misstatements he has made since he has taken office (now averaging over seven per day), that correcting the record undermines American democracy? Does he think that showing how the tax cuts benefitted the wealthiest 10 percent of the...

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Local Primary results

*bold denotes top vote-getters CHITTENDEN 9-1 Registered Voters:  4,533 Ballots Counted: 817 Democratic Ballots: 520 Republican Ballots: 295 Progressive Ballots: 2 Turnout: 18 percent DEMOCRATIC BALLOT  GOVERNOR James Ehlers, 134 Christine Hallquist, 194 Brenda Siegel, 75 Ethan Sonneborn, 30 LT. GOVERNOR David Zuckerman, 428 STATE SENATOR Dick Mazza, 432 REPUBLICAN BALLOT GOVERNOR Phil Scott, 213 Keith Stern, 76 LT. GOVERNOR Don Turner Jr., 251 STATE SENATOR Write-ins, 24 STATE REP Deserae Morin, 142 Clark Sweeney, 161 CHITTENDEN 9-2 Registered Voters:  6,040 Ballots Counted: 1,415 Democratic Ballots: 814 Republican Ballots: 599 Progressive Ballots: 2 Turnout: 23.4 percent DEMOCRATIC BALLOT GOVERNOR James...

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Lime in the coconut icebox cake

By NANCY MOCK You put the lime in the coconut … and put them both in this sweet and creamy, no-bake icebox cake! Lime and coconut are together in this recipe, they are folded into the freshly-made whipped cream, which gets layered with thin and crispy chocolate wafer cookies to create this light, no-bake icebox cake. The whole thing then gets an overnight stay in the fridge to set and meld, before getting sliced up and served. The flavors are summery and tropical, and the dessert is cool and creamy! PREP TIME: 25 MIN. TOTAL TIME: 25 MIN. SERVES:...

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