Neel Tandan

Are turkey vultures late leaving this year?


Last week, Colchester resident Dennis Reichardt saw three turkey vultures perching at the start of Marble Island Road. Later, he saw them again off West Lakeshore Drive. He said they looked forlorn (and perhaps a little menacing): their dark bodies hunched below a reddish-pink unfeathered head, their beaks ivory-white, curling into a dastardly point. “They…

Area towns report damage after windstorm


Towns have been reporting incurred costs to the Chittenden Regional Planning Commission following the windstorm late last month, and state and federal teams have been moving from county to county to assess damage. This joint preliminary damage assessment conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state partners will help determine if Vermont qualifies for…

Multi-car crash prompts traffic delays


Vermont State Police said a five-car crash temporarily closed two lanes on the Winooski River Bridge on Monday after a Vermont man, distracted with his food and coffee, crashed into two motor vehicles, setting off a chain reaction. Thirty-three-year-old James Austin of Sheldon was issued a civil violation for unreasonable and imprudent speed for conditions…