Author: Neel Tandan

Colchester resident takes town temp on plastic bag ban

Lisa Liotta stood in front of a tri-fold on Town Meeting Day at Colchester High School with the words “IS IT TIME TO BAN THE BAG?” across its middle in capital letters. An orange plastic bag hung from her fingers, the same kind you would get at most grocery stores, and the target of her current efforts. “At this point we’re just asking the citizens, ‘Would you support a ban of some type?’” she said. “We’re just gauging opinion – what’s the political will behind this.” Liotta, park manager at Niquette Bay State Park, said plastic bags are petroleum-based...

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State plots plan to remove boat in Malletts Bay

The state has proposed issuing boat owner Matthew Yarbenet a violation for abandoning his vessel in Malletts Bay, documents show. The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources is allowing public comment on a proposed administrative order against Yarbenet, saying he illegally disposed of solid waste outside a certified facility, the document says. The vessel, which the administrative order describes as a 1993 BT Sentra 25-foot speedboat 150 yards off Malletts Bay, incited complaints over environmental, aesthetic and safety impacts. Colchester police determined Yarbenet hadn’t broken any criminal statutes and passed any enforcement to state authorities, who vowed in January to...

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Chef brings pre-made meals to Malletts Bay

On Wednesday evenings, Chef Jess Werkheiser loads the back of her Chevy Trailblazer with her Southern-inspired fare, each entrée neatly arranged in a to-go container and ready to be gently reheated in a home oven. She stations herself in the parking lot in front of the Malletts Bay Diner where, over the next hour and a half, her small but growing clientele arrive to pick up their dinner. Werkheiser, who co-owned and operated Bayview Eats from 2011 to 2016 knew the target audience when her catering company, The Roving Feast, began offering the weekly meal drop last October. “I...

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Colchester, 1922: A mystery in history

One night, I was scanning Colchester’s Wikipedia page when a statistic in the side bar made my eyes big. It was Census data for the town (later confirmed by other sources), and it showed that between 1920 and 1930, Colchester’s population dropped 60.2 percent. This was especially out-of-place considering every other 10-year increment showed an increase in population, however slight. I jotted a note down to look into it later. A week or two passed, and I called the historical society to look for answers. I was put in touch with its director, Carol Reichard, who, upon hearing about...

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Collector to present Barbie expertise to historical society

In 2003, Carmen Brunelle set a goal to collect a Barbie and an outfit from every year since Mattel debuted the doll in 1959. Since then, she has picked through garage sales, bid at auctions, responded to ads in hobby magazines and scoured the internet to build an extensive collection. Brunelle has also amassed a lot of expertise on the doll’s history and will share it with “The First 30 Years of Barbie,” a presentation at the Colchester Historical Society on February 10 at 10 a.m. Brunelle will discuss Barbie’s European ancestor and inspiration, “Lilli,” how Barbie got her...

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