Author: Michaela Halnon

A league of their own

All-girl baseball team dominates season  Eight-year-old Ana LaBelle stepped up to the plate grinning last Thursday, pink eyeblack underlining her unwavering gaze. Her ponytail swayed methodically as she turned the aluminum baseball bat over in her hands. LaBelle’s teammates, 11 other girls roughly the same age, watched the action unfold intently from a makeshift dugout, many chomping on massive wads of bubblegum like their big league counterparts. The little league game at the Hazelett field marked the first time the Colchester Thunder had taken the diamond in nearly a week, its A-Minor matchups delayed by a steady stream of...

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Town talks Bayside specifics

About 20 residents gathered in a conference room at the town offices last Wednesday evening, a PowerPoint slide at the front of the room exclaiming, “Help Envision Bayside Park!” Several months after the Colorado-based company GreenPlay, LLC presented a conceptual master plan for the town-owned Bayside-Hazelett property, officials announced they wanted help honing in on the proposed park’s details. “What we’re asking today is [for you] to tell us if we’re on the right track with this stuff,” design consultant Axel Bishop said. The conceptual plan is broken into two distinct sections, focusing on both the Bayside Park upgrade...

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Visiting Nurse Association exploring ‘affiliation’ with UVM Health Network

The Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties is exploring a formal affiliation with the University of Vermont Health Network, according to a press release from the home health and hospice agency. The release said the agreement recognizes changes in healthcare and the importance of “greater integration and collaboration among providers” to improve patient experience and outcomes. The VNA office building is located on Prim Road in Colchester. The nonprofit organization’s inpatient hospice facility, the Respite House, moved to a new Route 7 construction in town last year. A presentation from the town’s public works department lists...

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Stormwater utility budget approved

Selectboard members unanimously approved the budget for a new stormwater utility last Tuesday, increasing the annual fund from about $542,000 to nearly $875,000. The utility will charge a yearly fee based on the amount of impervious surface homeowners have on their land. The old system determined payments based on assessed property value. All single-family residential properties with no more than three dwellings and less than one acre of impervious surface will pay $52.39 a year, public works director Bryan Osborne said. Any land that doesn’t fit these parameters will garner a charge based on a direct assessment of its...

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Student produces Civil War podcasts

Amid a sea of tri-fold posters and stapled research papers filling the Colchester High School cafeteria on Thursday evening, senior Sawyer Loftus stood out. Community members lined up to try on a headset at his station, listening intently as a brief audio clip introduced the podcast series he produced for his senior seminar assignment. “If you’re not a fan of history and haven’t already shut off my annoying voice, I suggest you do so now,” Loftus jokes in the introductory episode, the sound of twanging strings fading in. “I’ve stumbled into some pretty interesting stories.” His semester-long “action research...

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