Author: Madeline Clark

The state of SMC

The ivy-covered first-year dormitories at St. Michael’s College are a little less full than administration had hoped this year. The college fell 20 students short of obtaining its desired 510 newcomers, according to college spokesman Alex Bertoni. Currently, St. Michael’s has a projected deficit of $1.1 million. In recent years the private Catholic college has reduced full-time faculty through a combination of voluntary separation packages and non-renewals as part of its former president’s strategy  to address financial woes by downsizing. CFO Rob Robinson has said St. Michael’s is working to strike a balance between costs and student experience. But...

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Laker Lane project to appear on November ballot

A drive down Blakely Road weekdays around 7:30 a.m. is bound to include a slowdown. Cars queue up as parents and students wait to turn left onto Laker Lane into the high school. “There’s this really nice community thing that happens: People in the right lane stop and let them in,” superintendent Amy Minor said. But soon, this may no longer be the case. With help from federal highway funds, the town plans to construct a center-turn lane at the intersection, alleviating increased traffic from arrival, dismissal and other school functions. The catch: Voters must first grant the district...

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Westbury mobile home residents to try for co-op

Westbury Park residents will try their hands at forming a co-op to make an offer on their mobile home park following notice of the owners’ intent to sell the property last month. “When that happens, you feel up in the air like some corporation is going to buy you out,” said Mike Pelkey, the newly appointed president of the Westbury Park co-op board of directors. “There’s a lot of fear of losing your home.” In a meeting on August 27, the residents submitted a petition with over 160 signatures – 35 more than required – to gain 120 days...

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CSD to change accounting software

In a mandate from the Vermont Legislature, public schools will adopt a unified chart of accounts by July 1, 2019 and make the switch from their current finance management programs to eFinancePlus, by July 1, 2020. For Colchester School District, this means leaving Munis, a system its central office has used for the past 18 years, according to business and operations manager George Trieb. “I see the logic,” Trieb said. “It makes sense, but it’s a big deal because it touches all of the things we do in the back office.” CSD will adopt the software this winter. The...

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School district to receive state grants for security

Two Colchester schools were selected to receive state grants to improve safety and security features. Colchester Middle School and Malletts Bay School will each receive $25,000 to enhance technologies that protect students, faculty and staff, a press release from Gov. Phil Scott’s office said last Wednesday. In June, the district’s schools were among the 261 statewide to apply for the safety grants, a $5 million program passed as part of the budget adjustment bill this past legislative session. The measure received “overwhelming bipartisan support,” according to the letter. “The only thing our kids should have to worry about in...

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