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Global warming: more insects, hungrier for crops

Crop losses for critical food grains will increase substantially with global warming, as rising temperatures boost the metabolism and population growth of insect pests, new research says. “Climate change will have a negative impact on crops,” said Scott Merrill of the University of Vermont, a co-author of the study, published in Science. “We are going to see increased pest pressure from climate change.” The research team looked at how the insect pests that attack three staple crops – rice, maize and wheat – would respond under a variety of climate scenarios. They found that rising global temperatures would lead...

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LCATV names Conant as board member emeritus

At its Aug. 16 regular meeting, Lake Champlain Access Television’s (LCATV) volunteer Board of Directors adopted a by-law change to allow for the creation of Board Member Emeritus positions and named Samuel Conant as the first Member Emeritus. Prior to stepping down in June, Conant served on the LCATV Board for nearly 20 years, having first come to the organization as a candidate for the Vermont Legislature during one of their live, televised election forums. He held seats of both president and vice president on the board and led the organization through two successful contract negotiations, first with Adelphia...

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Jim Condon, state rep and radio personality, dies at 60

BY MARK JOHNSON Rep. Jim Condon, who served seven terms in the House following a long career in radio broadcasting, has died after battling esophageal cancer. He was 60. Condon, a “Blue Dog” Democrat, represented Colchester since winning election in 2004. He decided against running for re-election this year after receiving an “unwelcome medical diagnosis” of cancer this spring. He also served as executive director of the Vermont Association of Broadcasters. He is survived by his wife, Ginny McGehee, a radio personality on WJOY in Burlington, and their son, Thomas, who attends Syracuse University. “I have been humbled...

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Vermonters must address racism; it’s alive, and here

By SEN. CAROLYN BRANAGAN, FRANKLIN DISTRICT Earlier this past week a young woman who represents a House district in Bennington county announced she was withdrawing from the November election contest. Just last week she won the Democratic nomination for a third term. Her skin is dark and a while back she spoke with me about having received a number racial comments and threats online. Apparently now she has decided to pull out of the race entirely because of continuing concerns regarding the impact of these threats on her family, and especially on the safety of her bi-racial young son....

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Burnham Memorial Library book reviews: August 30, 2018

Smile by Roddy Doyle Adult Fiction, 2017 Ann Doubleday, Adult Services Smile is far more than it at first seems to be. It seems to be about a middle-aged Irish man trying to establish a new life for himself after a divorce. At one time, Victor, the narrator, appeared to be on the cusp of success in every way. Now he spends most evenings at the local pub trying to cheer himself up and stave off loneliness. One night at the pub a crude man, Fitzpatrick, intrudes upon Victor insisting they were friends in high school. Victor has no...

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