Author: Courtney Lamdin

Judge to weigh ‘revenge porn’ case dismissal

A Superior Court judge heard arguments Monday on a motion to dismiss a case based on Vermont’s so-called revenge porn law. Judge Dennis Pearson will also consider suppressing statements the defendant, 57-year-old Patrick Liebrecht of Colchester, made to police. Liebrecht says the investigating officer didn’t read his Miranda rights during interrogation. A former candidate for the Vermont House, Liebrecht was charged with disclosing sexually explicit images of his ex-girlfriend last summer without her consent. The act, known as revenge or nonconsensual porn, was criminalized as a misdemeanor in 2015. The photo in question shows Liebrecht’s ex, topless and drinking...

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Now, more than ever, free speech is vital

Inside this week’s paper, readers will find a flyer from Vermont Right to Life, a pro-life advocacy group that aims to inform public opinion on abortion and physician-assisted death. The last time our papers ran this flyer – a paid advertisement inserted into the newspaper – we got a lot of grief for it. Pro-choice advocates called and emailed, saying they’d never read or advertise in our papers again. Some asked to stop delivery of the paper. We recognize while some readers may appreciate this flyer, others may have a similar reaction as before. And we understand. This conundrum...

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Liebrecht: Free speech protects revenge porn

The former Vermont House candidate charged with disseminating revenge porn has asked a judge to throw out the case, saying the state law is unconstitutional. Patrick Liebrecht, 57, of Colchester was charged with the misdemeanor in September for an incident police say occurred in July, a few months after his breakup with the alleged victim. The Vermont Republican Party first broke the news of the charge just before the general election in November, disavowing the candidate, who lost his bid for a seat in Colchester’s 9-1 House district. An affidavit says Liebrecht, angry with his ex, posted a topless...

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House candidate denies revenge porn charge

  A Colchester candidate for the Vermont House is denying a criminal charge under Vermont’s so-called revenge porn law. Last Thursday, the Vermont Republican Party officially disavowed Pat Liebrecht, who was charged under the statute in late September, a police affidavit shows. Passed in 2015, the statute outlaws the disclosure of sexually explicit images of adults without their consent. Liebrecht, 57, ran unsuccessfully for Colchester’s 9-1 House district, which was held by incumbents Jim Condon (D) and Joey Purvis (R). Purvis was unseated on Tuesday by Democrat Curt Taylor. Liebrecht ran unopposed in the August primary. Reached last week,...

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AG contenders prioritize opiate fight

The two major party candidates for Vermont’s next attorney general debated for the fourth time this election season last Sunday. Democrat TJ Donovan of South Burlington and Republican Deb Bucknam of Walden drew out their differences but also found some common ground, particularly with the state’s opioid crisis. Liberty Union Party member Rosemarie Jackowski of Bennington was invited but did not attend the debate. Both candidates named Vermont’s opiate epidemic a top priority. Donovan, a state’s attorney in Chittenden County for 10 years, said his approach includes taking down drug dealers, holding pharmaceutical companies responsible and expanding treatment opportunities....

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