Author: Ben Chiappinelli

Romantic movies to enjoy from the comfort of your couch

Dinner and a movie: it’s the quintessential date night. Here in Vermont, we are blessed with an abundance of fine restaurants that plate a variety of styles enhanced by a healthy localvore movement. But if you aren’t sure if “Fifty Shades Freed” is the right cinematic nightcap, here are some suggestions you can watch in your home theater while cuddling on the couch. “Ratatouille” (2007) We all know Pixar movies are as entertaining for adults as they are for children, so you shouldn’t overlook this animated feature. In one sense, the film is truly a rom-com, taking the audience...

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Ice fishing keeps bay active during deep freeze

With temperatures averaging well below freezing over the past few weeks, the frigid water of Malletts Bay has been capped by a thick sheet of ice. The bay’s solid surface has brought out ice fishing enthusiasts, who seem immune to strong winds and arctic temperatures as they sit out in the open on overturned buckets and folding chairs. Some cut their exposure to the elements in pop-up canvas shanties, but there is no shortage of hearty Vermonters basking in the sun as though on a tropical shore. At heart, Randy Niquette of Milton is a bass fisherman in the...

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